Admission Open-2023-24

Admission Nursery to 11

Result update-2022-2023



  1. School uniform is compulsory for all children parents are requested to see that their children are always neat and tidy.
  2. Students moving along the corridor changing classes must walk in silence in a single line.
  3. Student must be very careful about their books and stationery.
  4. Students will not be allowed to leave school premises without the permission of the principal.
  5. All students shall bring the school diary every day.
  6. Class room and furniture must be kept neat and tidy.
  7. Students should not wear any jewellary or apply nail polish when then come to school.
  8. Class-room and furniture must be kept neat and clean.
  9. No student should write any thing on the walls or on the windows.
  10. Students should always address the teachers ‘Sir’ or Madam:
  11. Students must not pluck any flowers or plants.
  12. Light and fans should be switched off when students leave their class.
  13. Jewellery must not be worn except a watch.
  14. No nail varnish.
  15. Shoes should be closed toe and low heeled
  16. No open toe sandals, crocs or jelly shoes.