Admission Open-2023-24

Admission Nursery to 11

Result update-2022-2023


Rani Devyani Public School

This prospectus is designed to give you an outline of our school and what we can offer

your child whether you are considering your child already has a place. I hope that you findthis information useful.

Choosing the right school for your child is a difficult decision for every parent but our prospectus is designed to give you an insight into our school. We hope that you find it interesting starting school is an exciting and important time for every child and their parents and we want it to be a happy and successful experience.

At RDPS We are committed to provide the best possible education for your child. We have an established reputation for providing high standards and expectations within a well ordered and caring environment. Our aim is to encourage pupils to achieve their best and to lay the foundation on which their future learning is built. We believe that children learn best when they feel secure and their activities are interesting and enjoyable.

We have many excellent resources which include interactive white/green board technology in every class room, computer lab, library, big ground, value education classes and carrier counseling program.

Our aim to develop a strong partnership with parents as we feel that if we are working towards a common goal this will help each child to achieve their very best. We encourage you to support the school in a variety of ways ranging from helping in class to fund raising and supporting your child with homework.

A school prospectus cannot answer all of your questions but it should give you and your child an insight into our values and beliefs. There is no better way of choosing the right school for your child than by visiting. I am around RDPS comment on the warm, purposeful atmosphere and know that their children will be happy here. We are very proud of the achievement of our children and encourage you to come and visit the school.